GENERATEK is now pleased to offer:
Annual Service Contracts

Let us look after your investment

We will continue to look after your generator on an annual basis but include all necessary preventative parts and spread out the cost over one annual fee.

New Remote monitoring

We can now offer remote monitoring of your generator using GENERAC’s Mobile-Link FLEET monitoring program. Any issues that arise will be sent directly to us via WiFi where we can asses and even test-run your generator from our home base. This ensures a rapid response from us, very low downtime and can even potentially save an emergency call out!

What does it include?

  • Generator Maintenance (annually)
  • 5W-30 Full Synthetic Oil (annually)
  • Oil Filter (annually)
  • Air Filter (annually)
  • Spark Plugs (every 4 years)
  • Engine Valve Adjustment (twin cylinder every 4 years, single cylinder every 2 years)
  • Automatic Battery Replacement (every 4 years)
  • Remote Monitoring via Mobile Link, Generacs FLEET Management Program (if applicable)
  • 1 Non-warranty emergency call-out per year

For the complete preventative maintenance coverage of your GENERAC generator.

All for a total price of only $295 + taxes per year!

Complete the form below and sign up for the Annual Service Contract today.

Annual Service Contract

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The Annual Service Contract includes regular preventative maintenance and does not include any non-warranty repairs, two or more emergency call outs, or parts not covered in this contract.